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Batman's Power Armor




Alignment: Light

Defense: High

Class: Controller

Health: 20
Strength: 5
Speed: 2 (When Sprinting)
Acrobatics: 5
Fortitude: 2
Mental Defense: 3
Enhanced Vision
Fire Resistance: 1


Ability 1: Use Gadget
Deploy currently selected gadget.

Ability 2: Roundhouse Kick
Kick your opponent, dealing 10 damage.

Ability 3: Combat Mastery
Increases damage by 2 every few hits with the potential to void basic melee attacks. Opponent's knockback is also decreased after being winded, allowing more blows to land. All opponents hit within the first 5 seconds will be staggered for 5 seconds. Opponents skilled in combat can block your punches, but not your stagger, rendering basic hits void. Lasts 15 seconds.

Ability 4: Toss
Toss your opponent into the air, dealing 10 damage. Ground for 5 seconds while temporarily voiding melee damage.

Ability 5: Select Gadget
Cycle through Built-In gadgets. Alternatively, you can use the number pad to automatically select a specific gadget.

Equip: Static Touch
Shock your opponent, stunning them for 5 seconds. Upon activation, you have 10 seconds to tag an opponent.

Utility: Detective Mode
Activate the detective mode filter in your mask, allowing you to see enemies through walls.

Special: Bat Swarm
Throw a sonic batarang at your opponent, staggering them while summoning a horde of bats. These bats will swarm around all opponents nearby, dealing 90 damage while causing them to bleed.

- None


Default Gadgets: (Built-In)
- Batarang (20% chance to disarm target)
- Heated Batarang (Sets target on fire)
- Explosive Batarang (Explodes on a timer)
- Electric Batarang (Electrocutes target)
- Smoke Pellet (Disperses blinding smoke)
- Gas Pellet (Poisons and blinds target)
- Freeze Grenade (Freezes target in ice)
- Acid (Deals 10 damage, corroding targets for an additional 5 seconds)

Add-On Gadgets: (Crafted)
- Grappling Gun (punch near glass to break)
- Explosive Gel Gun
- Rebreather

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