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Captain Cold




Alignment: Dark

Defense: Medium

Class: Controller

Health: 20
Strength: 2
Speed: 1 (When Sprinting)
Jump Boost: 1
Fortitude: 1
Ice Resistance


Ability 1: Ice Tomb
Encase your target in a block of ice for 2 seconds. Staggers for 1 second.

Ability 2: Ice Blast
Fire a concussive blast of ice at your opponent, knocking them ack and grounding them for 5 seconds. Deals 5 damage but decreases to 1 when at a distance.

Ability 3: Arctic Barrage
Fire a barrage of ice shards at your opponent with a 50% chance to cause bleeding. Deals 5-8 damage (depending on bleed).

Ability 4: Blizzard
Fire your Cold Gun into the air, creating a localized blizzard around you that slows down all opponents in a 20 block radius. Deals 10 damage in total.

Ability 5: Ice Grenade
Deploy a ball of expanding ice onto the ground, slowing everything within its radius. Deals 10 damage in total.

Equip: Cold Gun
Equip your Cold Gun, able to fire an ice beam by holding right-click and pressing left-click. Does 12 damage and freezes blocks which randomly crumble over time. Damage decreases with distance.

Utility: Pickpocket
Use your slight of hand to quickly swipe and item from a target's inventory hotbar.

Special: Absolute Zero
Crank up the power of your Cold Gun and fire a high powered ice blast that is so cold, it's deadly. The beam can freeze its target to a near absolute zero, dealing 90 damage in total while encapsulating them in ice. Damage is reduced at a distance.

- None



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