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Alignment: Dark

Defense: Low

Class: Marauder

Health: 20
Strength: 1
Speed: 2 (When Sprinting)
Acrobatics: 2
Fortitude: 5
Terror: 5
Sinistry: 1


Ability 1: Stab
Chucky uses his knife to stab victims, stunning them. Deals 10 damage + bleeding.

Ability 2: Fury
Chucky furiously swipes at his opponent, causing them to bleed. Deals 20 damage over time.

Ability 3: Choke
Chucky strangles his victims in an attempt to kill them, staggering them in the process. Deals 4 damage over 2 seconds.

Ability 4: Bite
In an attempt to overwhelm his opponent, Chucky voraciously bites them, dealing 9 damage in total.

Ability 5: Block
Can block attacks, reducing incoming damage by 75%.

Equip: Knife
Chucky's preferred weapon of choice. 4% chance to inflict bleeding. Can be thrown by right-clicking every 10 seconds.

Utility: Mount
Chucky uses his small stature to jump on the back of his target, able to attack them for 10 seconds. If he jumps on an ally, he can stay on indefinitely.

Special: Voodoo
Through the use of the mystic arts, Chucky uses a voodoo doll to injure his subjects. With the doll equip, the target is highlighted red. Upon right-clicking, they automatically take 80 damage. With the doll out, Chucky is given a slowness debuff until he gets rids of it or uses it.

- None

- None


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