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Alignment: Dark

Defense: Extreme

Class: Vampire

Class: Aerial (Bat Form)

Class: Marauder (Demonic Form)

Health: 20
Strength: 5 (Increases to 6 depending on blood meter)
Speed: 3 (When Sprinting)
Acrobatics: 4
Fortitude: 9
Mental Defense: 3
Regeneration: 1 (Increases to 2 with blood at half and 4 at full)
Night Vision
Water Breathing
Vacuum Adaptation
Still Heart
Conductivity Control
Wall Climbing: 2
Water Walking
Terror: 25
Pain Resistance


Ability 1: Vampiric Bite
Dracula bites his victim, causing them to bleed. Increases his blood meter, dealing 6 damage. Staggers the opponent for 5 seconds.

Ability 2: Blood Lust
Dracula's craving for blood spikes his adrenaline, increasing his speed and damage as he trashes out for blood. Each slash fills his blood meter while ground his opponent for 5 seconds. Deals around 20 damage.

Ability 3: Teleportation
Dracula seemingly disappears and reappears elsewhere.

Ability 4: Mist Form
Turning into a cloud of mist, Dracula becomes immune to damage, but can't inflict any himself. The fog blinds nearby targets. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Ability 5: Bat Slam
Call forth a horde of bats and slam them into nearby opponents, knocking them back. Deals 4 damage each hit to everything affected.

Equip: Demonic Form
Dracula morphs into his demonic form, the ultimate blood-sucking murder machine with enhanced defense, reducing damage by 10%. He uses his sharp claws to inflict wounding and can pick up targets for 10 seconds by right-clicking them. Staggers both the target and attacker until the target is dropped. Has a 30 second cooldown. However, he does lose his hypnotic charm as he is overcome with primordial rage. His class changes to Marauder in this form.

Utility: Hypnosis
Dracula uses his hypnotic powers to cause his victim to lose control and being hallucinating, preventing them from using their abilities. The effectiveness of this depends on their Mental Defense. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Utility: Wing Attack (Demonic Form)
While in his Demonic Form, Dracula uses his large powerful bat-like wings to generate a gust of wind, knocking opponents back. Deals 12 damage.

Special: Dracula's Wrath
Embracing his victim, Dracula drains their life-force. Deals 90 damage, filling up his blood meter in the process.

Armor: Bat Form
Dracula transforms into a bat, granting himself the ability to fly at the expense of defense. His class changes from vampire to aerial, able to dive through attacks.

Specialization: Blood Flow Vision:
Dracula uses his senses to detect sources of blood in the area.

- Poison
- Wither
- Fall Damage

- Sunlight (Weakens defenses)
- Staked in the heart (When in coffin)
- Garlic (Causes fatigue)
- Werewolf Venom (Decreases stats by 50%)


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