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Freddy Krueger




Alignment: Dark

Defense: Extreme

Class: Marauder

Health: 20
Strength: 2 (10 in Dream World)
Speed: 1 (When Sprinting)
Jump Boost: 2
Fortitude: 10
Terror: 10 (50 in Dream World)
Sinistry: 1 (2 in Dream World and nightmare meter is 100)
Wounding: 1

Dream World Abilities:
Dream Demon
Being a dream demon, Freddy has mastery of the Dream World and is able to manipulate people's dreams, brining forth their worst nightmares. While in the Dream World, Freddy gains many new abilities but has to maintain his nightmare meter or he'll grow weak, no longer remembered and feared by others. As the nightmare meter increases, new manifestations are unlocked, boosting his power. The longer a player or villager is near Freddy in the Dream World, the more powerful he becomes as the meter fills up. The more players in the Dream World, the faster it fills. While the meter is at 100, he will slowly regain any lost Dream World power from when he was last attacked. With less than 2 players in the Dream World, he has a 20% reduction to damage. However, if pulled out of the Dream World (usually by constantly attacking him), he loses this entirely, like most of his powers.
Regeneration: 2 (3 with nightmare meter at 75 or higher and 5 at 100)
Fire Resistance: 2
Hunger Negation


Ability 1: Use Manifestation
Freddy activates the selected manifestation of terrorize victims.

Ability 2: Nightmare Push
Use the power of fear in the Dream World to knock targets back. Deals 5 damage.

Ability 3: Nightmare Pull
Freddy utilizes his power to bring targets towards him. Deals 10 damage.

Ability 4: Dream Shift
While in the Dream World, Freddy can teleport throughout with ease. Grants invulnerability as he evades attacks.

Ability 5: Select Manifestation
Cycle through available manifestations. Alternatively, you can use the number pad to automatically select a specific manifestation.

Equip: Puppeteer
Krueger harnesses the power of the Dream World and projects himself as a large puppeteer, his victims now nothing more than puppets on a string. Right-click to send out a plethora of strings, attaching them to nearby victims. Once hooked, it passively deals around 20 damage. During this state, Freddy is immune to damage.

Utility: Pull In Dream World
Freddy selects one victim to pull into the Dream World. Temporarily slowing them down as they enter. With each victim pulled, he gains 20 points towards his nightmare meter unlocking new attacks as their fear empowers him. The same victim can't be harvested once they are already in the Dream World. Only works on players and humanoids. Can't pull guild members in.

Special: Nightmare
Freddy manifests his victim's worst nightmares, causing a severe migraine to all those within the area. Deals 80 damage, causing nausea and slowness while also staggering opponents for 5 seconds. Increases nightmare meter by 10.

Armor: Shades
Freddy equips his shades so he can watch as he roasts his opponents.

Specialization: Phase
When in the Dream World, Freddy can phase through solid objects. Grants invulnerability to attacks not electric, ice, sound, psychic, or blood force based for half a second. Right-click toggles off.

- Fall Damage
Dream World Immunities
- Poison
- Nausea
- Hunger
- Fatigue
- Wither
- Weakness
- Instant Damage
- Radiation
- Suffocation
- Distortion

- Being forgotten

- Daddy Long Arms (Extends arms out, dealing 10 damage and staggering everyone nearby)
- Overdose (Injects artificial drugs into the target, causing them to hallucinate. Staggers the opponent, dealing 10 damage over time)
- Prime-Time (Electrocute the target, staggering and stunning them in place as they are blinded by a static tv screen. Deals around 4 damage)

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