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Iron Man (Mark 06)




Alignment: Light

Defense: High

Class: Healer

Armor Class: Basic
Type: All-Purpose
Predecessor: Mark 4
Successor: Mark 7
Health: 20
Strength: 13
Jump Boost: 4
Fortitude: 4
Fire Resistance: 1
Water Breathing
Enhanced Vision
Flight: 3

System Diagnostics:
- Energy Efficiency: Medium
- Flight Drainage: Medium
- Repulsor Drain: 5-10%
- Unibeam Drain: 25%

Changelog: The armor's energy systems were upgraded and are now vibranium based, allowing for more power and less energy consumption. The electrical malfunctions have also been virtually eliminated as a result of the armor's increased defenses, with reboot time cut in half. Flight speed has also been increased. A laser has been installed on each gauntlet, apart of the armor's extended weaponry. The armor also has been air sealed and contains a small oxygen tank, allowing for underwater usage for extended periods of time. However, it is still not equipped for the immense pressures of the deep waters.


Ability 1: Repulsor Blast
Shoot a repulsor blast at your opponent, knocking them back. Deals 10 damage. Damage decreases to 2 when at a distance. Requires at least 5% energy. Can be used to break glass and vegetation.

Ability 2: Repulsor Beam
Shoot a repulsor beam out of both hands, dealing 12 damage in total (but spreads). Damage decreases to 4 when at a distance. Requires at least 10% energy. Can be used to break glass and vegetation.

Ability 3: Unibeam
Divert power to the central arc reactor unit, delivering a powerful blast capable of staggering opponents for 5 seconds. Deals 24 damage, sending opponents flying backwards. Requires at least 25% energy. Can be used to break glass and vegetation.

Ability 4: Use Weapon
Deploy currently selected weapon.

Ability 5: Select Weapon
Cycle through the armor's weapons. Alternatively, you can use the number pad to automatically select a specific weapon.

Equip: Thrusters
Use repulsor thrusters to quickly evade attacks.

Utility: Power Dive
Rocket yourself in the air before diving into the ground, knocking all nearby opponents back. Deals 10 damage. If too far away from the ground, you won't perform the slam, but move can still be used to quickly dive bomb.

Special: Arsenal Barrage
Activate the armor's major offensive weaponry, firing a barrage of repulsors and missiles. Deals 95 damage in total, staggering for 5 seconds on first blast.

Armor: Helmet
Can lift faceplate up.

- Bleeding
- Fall Damage
- Fear Toxin

- Deep Underwater Pressures
- Altitudes higher than 350

Armor Weapons:
- Shoulder-Guns (Deals 12 damage in total)
- Missile (Explodes on impact, dealing 10 damage)
- Flares (Projectile immunity + blinds and burns for an additional 5 seconds)
- Lasers (Deals 6 damage to all nearby targets)
- Ring of Micro-Munition Missiles (Imbeds into surface before detonating, dealing 20 damage)

To use JARVIS do /jarvis and a list of commands will come up. The commands you can use are
- /jarvis tracking
- /jarvis analyze
- /jarvis call mark <#>
- /jarvis scan arena
- /jarvis searchfor (Legacy Only)
- /jarvis zoom (Legacy Only)

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