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Kid Flash




Alignment: Light

Defense: High

Class: Speedster

Health: 20
Strength: 1 (Increases
to 20 at max speed)
Speed Force: 38
Jump Boost: 6
Fortitude: 5
Mental Defense: 3
Regeneration: 2
Fire Resistance: 1
Water Running
Wall Running


Ability 1: Arm Vortex
Generate a vortex by moving your arms quickly, knocking opponents back and grounding them. Deals 12 damage in total. Damage decreases to 6 when at a distance.

Ability 2: Increase Speed
Hold to increase speed.

Ability 3: Decrease Speed
Hold to decrease speed. Shift + Ability 3 to reset speed.

Ability 4: Whirlwind
Run is circles so fast you generate a small tornado. Makes you temporarily invulnerable as you pull targets into your whirlwind. Must be at least Speed Level 30.

Ability 5: Sonic Punch
Use your strength to hit your next target so hard it breaks the sound barrier, generating a shockwave knocking back all those nearby. Deals 10 damage to all those affected. Upon activation you have 10 seconds to tag your target.

Equip: Speed Force Conduit
Hone your connection with the Speed Force, accelerating all aspects of your being. Damage is reduced by 25% for 10 seconds.

Utility: Heightened Perception
Process information at a faster rate, causing your perception of time to be slowed down. While in this state, all nearby opponents are stunned for 10 seconds with the Distortion effect, allowing you to maneuver around them quickly. Shift to quick exit. Other opponents with heightened perception can counter and enter it with you, clearing the Distortion.

Special: Electro-Blast
Project a powerful explosive arc of lightning able to stagger your opponent, dealing 90 damage. Grounds opponents for 10 seconds.

- Poison (When Vibrating)
- Distortion (50% chance to not be immune by other Speedsters and 100% chance by Black Flash)

- Cold
- Kinetic
- Slowness


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