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Alignment: Neutral

Defense: Extreme

Class: Mech

Health: 20
Strength: 20
Speed: 5 (When Sprinting)
Jump Boost: 5
Fortitude: 8
Fire Resistance: 2
Organic Alloy Composition
Brute: 1


Ability 1: Twin Master Cannon
Kiryu comes equipped with two maser cannons in its mouth, dealing 30 damage.

Ability 2: Railguns
Kiryu can fire a barrage of bullets from its railguns, dealing 30 damage in total.

Ability 3: Spiral Claw
Turning its hand into a drill, Kiryu offensively drills into its opponent, dealing 40 damage over time.

Ability 4: Tail Whip
Kiryu uses its tail to knockback all targets in the area, dealing 10 damage. Staggers opponents for 5 seconds.

Ability 5: Interlocking Rockets
Kiryu's backpack is equipped with rockets, each dealing 25 damage on impact. At half durability, the pack is destroyed.

Equip: Maser Blade
Kiryu's backpack is equipped with a maser blade on each wrist, able to shock the opponent for 10 damage.

Utility: Flight
Strategically installed on several parts of the mech's body are jet boosters, allowing it to fly for short periods of time.

Special: Absolute Zero Cannon
Installed in its chest compartment, the Absolute Zero Cannon can freeze objects to Absolute Zero, causing them to disintegrate under the weight of their own mass at the molecular level. Deals 100 damage flat plus additional frostbite.

Armor: Eject
Eject from Kiryu, able to redeploy it at any shatterdome.

- Poison
- Radiation
- Fear Toxin
- Bleeding
- Wither
- Fall Damage
- Dream World



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