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Luke Skywalker




Alignment: Light

Defense: Medium

Class: Force

Force Potential: 200
Health: 20
Strength: 1
Speed: 2 (When Sprinting)
Acrobatics: 3
Fortitude: 2
Mental Defense: 3
Force Jump


Ability 1: Force Crush
The most advanced version of Force Wound, Force Crush crushes victims in the air, incapacitating them. It is closely related to Force Lift except when you punch it crushes the victim, dealing 12 damage in total. Right-click toggles off. Drains 40 energy.

Ability 2: Force Absorb
Transfer energy into the Force, dissipating it. Right-click toggles off. Drains 30 energy as long as the move is active.

Ability 3: Saber Rush
Charge towards your enemy, critically striking them with your saber. Deals 10 damage, grounding the target for 5 seconds. Lasts for 2 seconds.

Ability 4: Mind Trick
Use the Force to implant a suggestion in the minds of those you encounter, subjugating them to your will. Staggers all opponents in the direction you're facing. Drains 25 energy.

Ability 5: Force Stasis Field
A more advanced version of Force Stasis, Force Stasis Field allows you to completely freeze and stagger multiple targets in place for 5 seconds. Drains 50 energy.

Equip: Lightsaber
Equip the weapon of a Jedi, a weapon for a more civilized age.

Utility: Force Valor
Increases your force capabilities, allowing you to temporarily regain Force energy quicker. Lasts for 3 seconds.

Special: Force Repulse
A giant expanding telekinetic explosion more powerful than Force Push, Force Repulse sends all opponents flying backwards, dealing 80 damage upon impact. Staggers opponents for 5 seconds while granting you temporary invulnerability, as you're protected in the energy field.

Specialization: Ignite Lightsaber
Ignite your lightsaber.

- None

- None


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