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Red Hulk




Alignment: Neutral

Defense: Extreme

Class: Tank

Health: 20
Strength: 20 (15 if overheated)
Speed: 5
Jump Boost: 8
Fortitude: 8
Regeneration: 2
Fire Resistance: 1
Water Breathing
Vacuum Adaptation
Wall Scaling
Brute: 1
Gamma Emissions


Ability 1: Scattershot
Release a super powered punch sending your opponent flying. Deals 20 damage while staggering and grounding them for 5 seconds. Upon activation, you have 10 seconds to tag your target. If you miss your target the move is canceled.

Ability 2: Smash
Raise your fists in the air before slamming the ground, creating a directional explosion dealing 10 damage.

Ability 3: Thunder Clap
Generate a directional shockwave by clapping your hands together, dealing 10 damage and grounding those affected for 5 seconds

Ability 4: Toss
Toss your opponent into the air, dealing 10 damage. Grounds for 5 seconds while temporarily voiding melee damage

Ability 5: Punt
Punt opponents into the sky, staggering them for 5 seconds. Deals 10 damage.

Equip: Flare Up
Increase your body temperature for 5 seconds, burning anything you come in contact with. Deals 10 damage in total. All incoming damage is reduced by 75%.

Utility: Rampage
Pick up a piece of rubble, throwing it at your target. Deals 10 damage, grounding opponents for 5 seconds.

Special: Heated Rage
Release a heat wave, dealing 50 damage and staggering all nearby enemies for 5 seconds. As your body enters an overheated stage, your damage temporarily increased for 8 seconds before burning out. Deals around 90 damage in total, setting opponents on fire.

Armor: Transform
Revert back to your human form.

- Poison
- Radiation
- Wither
- Fall Damage

- Overheating


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