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Alignment: Light

Defense: Medium

Class: Controller

Health: 20
Strength: 11
Speed: 7 (When Sprinting)
Acrobatics: 9
Fortitude: 5
Regeneration: 1
Wall Climbing: 2
Gliding (Homecoming & FFH)
Fire Resistance: 1 (Future Foundation)
Enhanced Vision (Home Coming and Far From Home)


Ability 1: Web-Shooters
Fire your basic web fluid, allowing you to swing across large distanced and pull targets towards you. Deals 5 damage. Damage decreases at a distance. Hold right-click to pull yourself towards your web. Press shift to release. Can swing kick by punching while swinging. Has a 10% chance to disarm opponents. You can also hitch a ride on guild members by attacking your web to them. They can break your web after a short period of time by shifting and punching at the same time.

Ability 2: Use Special Webbing
Fire selected web at your opponent.

Ability 2: Blinding Web
(Sam Raimi)
Shoot a web at your opponent's face, obscuring their vision. Stuns target while dealing 10 damage.

Ability 3: Combat
Increases damage by 2 every few hits with the potential to void basic melee attacks. Opponent's knockback is also decreased after being winded, allowing more blows to land. Opponents skilled in combat can block your punches, but not your stagger, rendering basic hits void. Lasts 15 seconds.

Ability 4: Kick Backflip
Perform a kick backflip, knocking your opponent into the air. Deals 10 damage and grounds for 5 seconds.

Ability 5: Select Special Webbing
Cycles through Built-In special webs. Alternatively, you can use the number pad to automatically select a specific webbing.

Ability 5: Web Bullet (Sam Raimi)
Shoot several balls of web at your opponent, dealing 10 damage.

Equip: Roundhouse Kick
Kick your opponent, dealing 10 damage.

Utility: Sweep Kick
Sweep kick your opponents, stunning them. Deals 10 damage to all nearby targets.

Utility: Stealth Mode (Future Foundation)
Enter a stealth mode, able to vanish in the dark and decreases your name tag's visibility.

Special: Web Barrage
Shoot a barrage of webs. staggering opponents. Deals around 82 damage in total.

Specialization: Squint (Comic)
Squint your eyes

- Poison
- Radiation
- Fall Damage

- EMP (Unless Sam Raimi)
- Water
- Fear Toxin

Special Webbing: (Built-In)
- Impact (Knocks back and webs up target)
- Electric (Electrocutes target)
- Web Bomb (Explodes on timer, entrapping everything nearby)
- Concussive Blast (Emits a sonic wave, knocking enemies back and staggering them)
- Flame (Sets target on fire)
- Acid (Corrodes target for 5 seconds)
- Ice (Freezes target in ice)

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