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Supergirl (CW V1)
Supergirl (CW V1)

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Supergirl (CW V2)
Supergirl (CW V2)

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Alignment: Light

Defense: Extreme

Class: Tank

Health: 20
Strength: 20
Speed: 29 (When Sprinting)
Jump Boost: 15
Fortitude: 10
Mental Defense: 2
Regeneration: 2 (3 at altitude 300 & 4 at 500) Remains at 4 while in space. Gain a 2 minute solar buff after leaving altitude 500, keeping the magnitude at 4 temporarily)
Fire Resistance: 2
Flight: 10
Enhanced Vision
Water Breathing
Vacuum Adaptation


Ability 1: Heat Vision
Emit powerful beams out of your eyes, dealing 12 damage in total. Damage decreases to 8 when at a distance. Has a 5% chance to destroy kryptonite a target is holding.

Ability 2: Freeze Breath
Freeze opponents with your icy breath, entrapping them in a block of ice.

Ability 3: Super Breath
Exhale an extraordinary amount of air, blowing back and grounding opponents. Deals 3-6 damage. Damage decreases to 2 when at a distance. Can be used to blow out fire, break leaves, snow, webs, vegetation, and glass.

Ability 4: Telescopic Vision
Focus your vision, allowing you to see further. Increases damage by 1 over time for 10 seconds.

Ability 5: Scattershot
Release a super powered punch sending your opponent flying. Deals 20 damage while staggering and grounding them for 5 seconds. Upon activation, you have 10 seconds to tag your target. If you miss your target the move is canceled.

Equip: X-Ray Vision
See entities through walls and check their vitals.

Utility: Heightened Perception
Process information at a faster rate, causing your perception of time to be slowed down. While in this state, all nearby opponents are stunned for 10 seconds with the Distortion effect, allowing you to maneuver around them quickly. Shift to quick exit. Other opponents with heightened perception can counter and enter it with you, clearing the Distortion.

Special: Recklessness
Still trying to control your power, you furiously attack, destroying everything in your path. When in this state, your strength increases and punches become more destructive while damage is reduced by 50%. Deals around 80-100 damage over 10 seconds, stunning your opponent on each hit.

- Poison
- Radiation
- Smokescreen

- Kryptonite
- Sound