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The Creeper




Alignment: Dark

Defense: Extreme

Class: Tank

Class: Marauder (With Axe)

Strength: 5
Speed: 3 (When Sprinting)
Acrobatics: 4
Fortitude: 7
Wall Climbing: 2
Pain Resistance
Terror: 10


Ability 1: Shuriken
The Creeper employs custom throwable shurikens to immobilize prey from a distance, which he can control telekinetically. Has a 20% chance to disarm a target.

Ability 2: Wing Attack
The Creeper uses his powerful wings to generate a gust of wind, knocking opponents back. Deals 12 damage.

Ability 3: Dagger
A throwable dagger made form the flesh and bones of his victims, able to be controlled telekinetically. Deals 10 damage + 2 bleed when thrown. Has a 5% chance to cause bleeding when used as a melee weapon.

Ability 4: Spear Throw
The Creeper throws his custom-made throwable spear, telekinetically guiding it into his target. Deals 10 damage, staggering the target for 5 seconds.

Ability 5: Harvest Organs
In need of repair or to add his collection, Creeper harvests the organs of his victim. When eaten, he regenerates 10 durability and recovers all lost health. Has a 10 second cooldown between ingestion periods. Deals 20 damage to victim when harvesting, staggering them for 2 seconds.

Equip: Axe
The Creeper's handy axe is so sharp it can cut straight through bone and metal. Has a 10% chance to cause bleeding, changing his class to Marauder when in use.

Utility: Fear Scent
The Creeper can smell its victim's fear, allowing him to hunt and torment them for their organs.

Special: Jeepers Creepers
The Creeper flares out his clawed hood to intimidate prey, releasing a staggered 5 seconds as he gains the Intimidation buff, increasing his damage and defense. Deals up to 80 damage.

Armor: Hat
The Creeper tries to mask his inhuman appearance with a hat.

Specialization: Wings
The Creeper expands his massive bat-like wings, taking to the sky before swooping down to snatch victims. Can pick up targets for 10 seconds by right-clicking them. Staggers both the target and attacker until the target is dropped. Has a 30 second cooldown.

- Fall Damage

- None


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