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Alignment: Light

Defense: Extreme

Class: Intangible

Health: 20
Strength: 14
Speed: 8 (When Sprinting)
Jump Boost: 3
Fortitude: 9
Mental Defense: 1
Auto-Repair: 2
Fire Resistance: 2
Flight: 4
Enhanced Vision
Water Breathing
Vacuum Adaptation
Hunger Negation
Nanite Body
Vibranium Body (MCU)


Ability 1: Solar Beam
Emit a powerful beam from the gem in your forehead, dealing 14 damage in total.

Ability 1: Mind Stone Blast
Emit a powerful beam from the gem in your forehead, dealing 14 damage in total.

Ability 2: Physical Disruptor
Attain minimum density, passing your fist through your opponent before ever so slightly increasing it, causing excruciating pain. Deals 20 damage, staggering the target for 5 seconds.

Ability 3: Cannonball
Increase your density and ram into your opponent, dealing 10 damage. Grants 25% damage reduction for 5 seconds, grounding the target.

Ability 4: Telescopic Vision
Focus your vision, allowing you to see further. Increases damage by 1 over time for 10 seconds.

Ability 5: Stead Ground
Increase your density to steady your ground. Increases resistance to 10 while damage is reduced by 75% for 5 seconds.

Equip: Intangibility
Can phase through solid objects. Grants invulnerability to attacks not electric, ice, sound, psychic, or blood forced for 1 second. Right-click toggles off.

Utility: Holographic Manipulation
Render yourself invisible to the naked eye for 10 seconds.

Special: Solar Blast
Harness the power of the Solar Gem (or Mind Stone), channeling a hot energy beam capable of melting through steel. Deals 90 damage, staggering the opponent for 5 seconds. Damage decreases by half at a distance.

Armor: Shapeshift
Disguise yourself as a human.

- Poison
- Hunger
- Suffocation
- Bleeding



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