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War Machine (Mark 1)




Alignment: Light

Defense: High

Class: Tank

Armor Class: Basic
Type: None
Predecessor: Iron Man Mark 2
Successor: War Machine Mark 2
Strength: 14
Jump Boost: 1
Fortitude: 4
Fire Resistance: 1
Enhanced Vision
Flight: 2

System Diagnostics:
- Energy Efficiency: Medium
- Flight Drainage: Medium
- Repulsor Drain: 5-10%
- Unibeam Drain: 25%

An upgraded version of the stolen Mark 2, the War Machine Mark 1 features a high calibur mini-gun with assault rifles strapped to its gauntlets.


Ability 1: Repulsor Blast
Shoot a repulsor blast at your opponent, knocking them back. Deals 10 damage. Damage decreases to 2 when at a distance. Requires at least 5% energy. Can be used to break glass and vegetation.

Ability 2: Repulsor Beam
Shoot a repulsor beam out of both hands, dealing 12 damage in total (but spreads). Damage decreases to 4 when at a distance. Requires at least 10% energy. Can be used to break glass and vegetation.

Ability 3: Unibeam
Divert power to the central arc reactor unit, delivering a powerful blast. Deals 15 damage, sending opponents flying backwards. Requires at least 25% energy. Can be used to break glass and vegetation.

Ability 4: Use Weapon
Deploy currently selected weapon.

Ability 5: Select Weapon
Cycle through the armor's weapons. Alternatively, you can use the number pad to automatically select a specific weapon.

Equip: Thrusters
Use repulsor thrusters to quickly evade attacks.

Utility: Minigun
Fire the armor's large shoulder minigun, capable of staggering opponents. Deals 24 damage.

Special: Ex-Wife
A high-power bunker type micro-missile capable of great destructive power, if not shorted by water... Deals 90 damage on impact.

Armor: Helmet
Can life faceplate up.

- Poison
- Bleeding
- Fear Toxin

- Water
- Electrical Malfunctions
- Altitudes higher than 300

Armor Weapons:
- FN F2000 Tacticals (Deals 12 damage over time)
- Micro-Missiles (Deals 10 on impact)

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