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Alignment: Light

Defense: Extreme

Class: Controller

Health: 20
Strength: 4
Speed: 2 (When Sprinting)
Acrobatics: 9
Fortitude: 8
Mental Defense: 3
Regeneration: 5
Enhanced Vision
Adamantium Skeleton
Wounding: 1


Ability 1: Claws
Extract your adamantium claws, capable of causing wounding. Breaks wood, wool, webs, and vegetation faster. Also allows you to scale walls.

Ability 2: Fury Swipes
Ferociously swipe at your opponent with your claws, causing them to bleed. Deals 10 base damage + 2 bleeding.

Ability 3: Combat
Increases damage by 2 every few hits with the potential to void basic melee attacks. Opponent's knockback is also decreased after being winded, allowing more blows to land. Opponents skilled in combat can block your punches, but not your stagger, rendering basic hits void. Lasts 15 seconds.

Ability 4: Pounce
Pounce forwards, knocking over anyone in your way. Stuns affected targets for 2 seconds. Grounds for 5 seconds. Deals 4 damage.

Ability 5: Stab
Use your claws to stab your opponent, stunning them in place. Deals 10 damage. When stabbing, you are immune to certain damage types, such as melee. Staggers for 5 seconds.

Equip: Slice
Slice your opponent, causing them to bleed out. Deals 6 damage + 4 bleeding.

Utility: Scent Tracker
Use your enhanced sense of smell to track nearby targets. Upon activation, you sniff the nearby area, tracking one of the scents you pick up. The target will appear highlighted in white once you've got their scent. Sniff again to pick a different target, if one is present. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Special: Berserk Rage
In a fit of rage, slash at everyone nearby, causing them to bleed out while staggering the,. Deals around 80 damage. Incoming damage is reduced by 25%

Right-Click: Block
Use your claws to block incoming attacks, reducing damage by 75% percent.

- Poison
- Hunger
- Wither

- Sound
- Drowning
- Suffocation


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