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Alignment: Dark

Defense: High

Class: Speedster

Health: 20
Strength: 1 (Increases
to 20 at max speed)
Relative Time Manipulation: 68
Speed Force: 68 (CW)
Jump Boost: 6
Fortitude: 5
Mental Defense: 3
Regeneration: 2
Fire Resistance: 1
Water Running
Wall Running
Terror: 10 (CW)


Ability 1: Multi Strike
Strike your target multiple times in rapid succession, increasing your damage output while stunning opponents for 5 seconds.

Ability 2: Increase Speed
Hold to increase speed.

Ability 3: Decrease Speed
Hold to decrease speed. Shift + Ability 3 to reset speed.

Ability 4: Vibrate
Vibrate your molecules so fast you can flush toxins out of your body as well as disguise your identity.

Ability 5: Neck Snap
Speed around your opponents in a blink of an eye, snapping their necks in the process. Staggers those affected for 5 seconds.

Equip: Lightning Injection
Manipulate your lightning, channeling it through your arm and into your opponent, stunning them for 5 seconds. Upon activation, you have 10 seconds to tag an opponent. Must be at Speed Level 25 or above.

Equip: Time Remnant (CW)
Generate a time remnant of yourself to aid you in battle for 30 seconds. Your remnant deals 5 per hit (1 to a player) and will attack anything you do. Must be at Speed Level 25 or above. Shift to call remnant to you if it's in battle. Will always attack your last target so attack something else to reset. However, there is a 10% chance a Time Wraith will follow, wanting to claim your soul. Time Wraiths can only be hurt by you and will send you to the Speed Force if they get the chance. There is a 1% chance they will turn you into Black Flash upon taking you to the Speed Force if you are speedster.

Utility: Heightened Perception
Process information at a faster rate, causing your perception of time to be slowed down. While in this state, all nearby opponents are stunned for 10 seconds with the Distortion effect, allowing you to maneuver around them quickly. Shift to quick exit. Other opponents with heightened perception can counter and enter it with you, clearing the Distortion.

Special: Snappy Shockwave
Generate a powerful shockwave, able to knockout opponents with just the snap of your fingers. Deals 80 damage to those affected.

- Poison (When Vibrating)
- Distortion (Comic)
- Distortion (CW) (50% chance to not be immune by other Speedsters and 100% chance by Black Flash)

- Cold
- Kinetic
- Slowness
- Time Wraith (CW)


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