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- Fixed Iron Man Detach crash
- Fixed Solar Flare description
- Decreased Vampire attack damage
- Fixed Vampire mob regeneration during daytime
- Removed Vampires from taiga and swamp biomes and decreased spawn rate
- Made Vampire mobs not attack players who are Vampires.
- Prevented roll, and block abilities working when in wolf and bat form
- Fixed melee durability with no powers
- Decreased strength block speed 
- Removed strengthToBreakSpreed gamerule functionality
- Fixed keystate issue
- Optimized legacy max command
- Fixed Iron Man (Mark 2) successor description
- Fixed Iron Man (Mark 5) lights
- Added speedCap config option
- Updated Vision's item textures
- Prevented more than 1 of captain america's shield, mjolnir, and stormbreaker from being in inventory at a time

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