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 - Outer Space -


Home to the Observatory, Outer Space is the most useful dimension within the Legends Mod. This dimension acts as a gateway to all the other planets. Upon entrance the player is safe. However, if the player doesn't have a suit or legacy with suffocation immunity, they will begin to die outside the Observatories vacuum. 

How To Get There

Before attempting to teleport to Outer Space you first need to make sure you have the Legends maps installed correctly. Download the Legends map zip from here and follow the installation guide here. After the maps are correctly installed there is one of two ways to get there.

  1. You must craft an Observatory Comlink (figure 1A). Once crafting you must remain idle for a few seconds then right-click. You will be teleported and ta-da! You're there!

  2. With any character or legacy that flies, travel to y: 1000 and you will be teleported up. However, this isn't the safest option. If you don't have vacuum adaptation you will die.

Figure 1A


Galactic   Console


Figure 2A


The only real purpose of Outer Space is for the Observatory which contains the Galactic Console (figure 2A) which allows you to teleport to other planets.

Observatory Comlink

Observ Comlink.png
Galactic Console

Found at the end of the hallways at the Observatory, these devices will allow you to travel to other planets as well as buy the Global Alert Device which allows you to participate in arena boss fights.

Galactic Console.png
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