- Hurikane -


Not much is known about the rocky mountain planet. However, there are a species of creatures that do inhabit it -  Hurikaneans.

How To Get There

Before attempting to teleport to Hurikane you first need to make sure you have the Legends maps installed correctly. Download the Legends map zip from here and follow the installation guide here. After the maps are correctly installed there is one way to get there.

  1. You must craft an Observatory Comlink (figure 1A). Once crafting you must remain idle for a few seconds then right-click. You will be teleported to the Observatory in Outer Space. Once there, find the Galactic Console and teleport to Hurikane for a price of 6,000 tokens.

Observatory Comlink

Figure 1A


Around the world, there are some run-down villages where the Hurikaneans. There are chest around the town that have some loot inside.


Hurikane is the one place you can get the purple kyber crystal. You can find them underground and use the "crystal harvest" ability on them or kill a Hurikanean.


Throughout the Hurikane, there is one new mob.

  1. Hurikaneans (figure 1A)​

Figure 2A
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