- Ilum -


With it's freezing mountains and two moons orbiting it, the planet of Ilum has a harsh environment that makes it hard for life to prosper.

How To Get There

Before attempting to teleport to Ilum you first need to make sure you have the Legends maps installed correctly. Download the Legends map zip from here and follow the installation guide here. After the maps are correctly installed there is one way to get there.

  1. You must craft an Observatory Comlink (figure 1A). Once crafting you must remain idle for a few seconds then right-click. You will be teleported to the Observatory in Outer Space. Once there, find the Galactic Console and teleport to Ilum for a price of 5,000 tokens.

Observatory Comlink

Figure 1A


The one purpose Ilum has for force users to get their kyber crystals. To obtain one you must be a Jedi or Sith legacy and have the ability "crystal harvest" learned and active. Once you find the crystal that you want, use the ability and collect it.

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