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- MARS -


Long ago there was a civilization of Martians who inhabited the planet of Mars. Due to tragic events, the race went instinct and the planet deserted. The planet has low gravity and players will die if their character or legacy doesn't have vacuum adapation.

How To Get There

Before attempting to teleport to Mars you first need to make sure you have the Legends maps installed correctly. Download the Legends map zip from here and follow the installation guide here. After the maps are correctly installed there is one way to get there.

  1. You must craft an Observatory Comlink (figure 1A). Once crafting you must remain idle for a few seconds then right-click. You will be teleported to the Observatory in Outer Space. Once there, find the Galactic Console and teleport to Mars for a price of 100 tokens.


Observatory Comlink

Observ Comlink.png

Figure 1A


Mars is mostly filled with just Mars rock, but there is a chance you can stumble upon an abandoned village (figure 2A) where you could find some loot at like Alien Technology.


Figure 2A

  • Mars Rock (Figure 3A)

  • Martian Relic (Figure 3B)

Mars Rock.png

Figure 3A

Martain Relic.png

Figure 3B

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