- Wakanda -


Wakanda is a secret nation in Africa that is the home of the strongest and rarest mineral, Vibranium. The nation is home to the African king, Black Panther.

How To Get There

To get to Wakanda there are two requirements. 

  1. Obtain a Wakandan map (which is located in jungle temples).​ 

  2. Obtain an emerald

Once you have acquired a Wakandan Map and emerald, right-click and you will be teleported to Wakanda and your emerald will be consumed.


Around the nation, there are small hunts and large cities that contain loot.


Wakanda is home to the rare mineral vibranium so this is the only place to obtain it. Vibranium is used to craft characters as well as a power source for generators.


Throughout the nation of Wakanda, there are two new mobs.

  1. Wakandan Native (figure 1A)

  2. Wakandan Soldier (figure 1B)

Figure 1A
Figure 1B
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