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Speedsters tap into the Speed Force, the very cosmic force that pushes time and space forwards, granting them incredible feats of super speed and time manipulation.


To become a Speedster, you first must craft a Mini-Particle Accelerator. Once crafted, you must power it with a generator. Once powers, right click to get in. After the explosion goes off, destroying the Mini-Particle Accelerator, you will become a speedster.

Crafting Recipes 

Passive Abilties

Health: 20
Strength: 1 (Increases to 14 at max speed)
Speed Force: 40
Jump Boost: 6
Fortitude: 5
Mental Defense: 3
Regeneration: 2
Fire Resistance: 1

- Poison (When Vibrating)
- Distortion (50% chance to not be immune by other Speedsters and 100% chance by Black Flash)

- Cold
- Kinetic
- Slowness
- Time Wraith



Powers Auto Learned


Powers Learned on Skill Tree

Wall Running: (Cost: 10) (Passive)
When running at at least speed 25, you can run up walls.

Arm Vortex: (Cost: 20) (Assignable)
Generate a vortex by moving your arms quickly, knocking opponents back and grounding them. Deals 12 damage in total.

Vortex Trap: (Cost: 25) (Assignable)
Generate enough speed to create a vortex, able to trap nearby opponents while negating damage for yourself.

Speed Force Conduit: (Cost: 30) (Assignable)
Hone your connection with the Speed Force, accelerating all aspects of your being. Damage is reduced by 25% for 10 seconds.

Speed Boost: (Cost: 20) (Passive) (2x)
As you hone your skills, you are able to increase your top speed. This increases your strength to 20.

Sonic Punch: (Cost: 30) (Assignable)
Use your speed to hit your next target so fast it breaks the sound barrier, generating a shockwave knocking back all those nearby. Deals 10 damage to all those affected. Upon activation, you have 10 seconds to tag your target. Speed Level must be at least 30.

Lightning Throw: (Cost: 100) (Special)
Use the Speed Force to generate enough energy to throw a bolt of lightning at your target. Deals around 95 damage while staggering them for 5 seconds. Speed Level must be at least 25.

Speed Force: (Cost: 50) (Assignable)
Run so fast you enter the Speed Force itself, able to traverse throughout temporarily. When in the Speed Force, your regeneration increases to 3 while damage is reduced by 50%. Must be at Speed Level 30 or above to enter. Lasts 30 seconds. When exiting, you gain a temporary Speed Force buff for 30 seconds, increasing your speed, regeneration, and granting battle precognition as you blitz opponents.

Invisible Vibrations: (Cost: 100) (Special)
Vibrate your molecules so fast, you become invisible to the naked eye while taking 75% reduced damage. When in this state, your punches deal 2 extra damage per hit and stun for 2 seconds. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Speed Transfer: (Cost: 50) (Assignable)
Lend some of the Speed Force to another player, granting them speed 20 if their speed is lower while cutting yours to the same.

Time Remnant: (Cost: 80) (Assignable)
Generate a time remnant of yourself to aid you in battle for 30 seconds. Your remnant deals 5 damage per hit (1 to a player) and will attack anything you do. Must be at Speed Level 25 or above. Shift to call remnant to you if it's in battle. However, there is a 10% chance a time wraith will follow, wanting to claim your soul.

Infinite Mass Punch: (Cost: 100) (Special)
Using your speed and momentum, deliver a devastating super punch. Upon activation, you have 10 seconds to hit your target. Upon impact, a massive shockwave is generated, dealing 80 damage to everything nearby and an additional 20 damage to the direct target. Staggers the direct target for 5 seconds.

Vibrating: (Cost: 25) (Assignable)
Vibrate your molecules so fast you can flush toxins out of your body as well as disguise your identity.

Heightened Perception: (Cost: 50) (Staggerable)
Process information at a faster rate, causing your perception of time to be slowed down. While in this state, all nearby opponents are stunned for 10 seconds with the Distortion effect, allowing you to maneuver around them quickly. Shift to quick exit. Other opponents with heightened perception can counter and enter it with you, clearing the Distortion.

Phasing: (Cost: 20) (Class)
Can phase through solid objects. Grant invulnerability to attacks not electric, ice, sound, psychic, or blood force based for half a second. Right-click to toggle off.

Neck Snap: (Cost: 50) (Staggerable)
Speed around your opponents in a blink of an eye, snapping their necks in the process. Staggers those affected for 5 seconds.

Lightning Injection: (Cost: 30) (Assignable)
Manipulate your lightning, channeling it through your arm and into your opponent, stunning them for 5 seconds. Upon activation, you have 10 seconds to tag an opponent. Must be at Speed Level 25 or above.

Lightning Gauntlet: (Cost: 40) (Assignable)
Channel your Speed Force energy through your arm and out your fingertips, zapping nearby opponents. Deals 10 damage while slowing the target down.

Chestburster: (Cost: 100) (Special)
Phase your hand through your target, nearly killing them. Deals 95 damage, grounding the target for 10 seconds while staggering them for an additional 5 seconds. Upon activation, you have 10 seconds to tag your target.

Electro-Blast: (Cost: 100) (Special)
Project a powerful explosive arc of lightning able to stagger your opponent, dealing 90 damage. Grounds opponents for 10 seconds.

Snappy Shockwave: (Cost: 100) (Special)
Generate a powerful shockwave, able to knockout opponents with just the snap of your fingers. Deals 80 damage to all those affected.


Eye Size:
Cycles through eye sizes to set to player
- 1x2
- 2x2
- None

Enable Player Turn
Enables other players being able to infect you with their legacy (if applicable).

Unequips shades.

Lightning Color
Cycles through Speed Force colors to set to player.
- Yellow
- Gold
- Red
- Blue
- Light Blue
- White
- Purple
- Pink
- Green

All of these do not have to stay in your loadout. Unassign when changed to your liking.

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