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An innovator, you use your genius to create high tech suits of armor to protect the world from evil. No matter what situation you're in, you can build a device to get you out of it.


To become the Stark legacy, you first must craft the Stark Workbench. Once crafted, place it on the ground and open it (right-click). Once opened you will see a Commit button at the bottom right under the text that says "Set Legacy". Once pressed, you will become the Stark legacy.

Crafting Recipes 

Passive Abilties

Health: 20
- Access to your A.I. assistant Jarvis. To access, type /jarvis to see a list of commands.
The Futurist
- You are Iron Man and as such, carry armor rank ups across all armors. You can also craft new Iron Man armors without it costing any tokens nor gems, with each armor you craft granting you skill points based on its tier.



Powers Auto Learned


Powers Learned on Skill Tree

Ingenuity: (Cost: 25) (Passive)
Use your clearness with tools and mechanics to build better equipment. Yield 4x tokens from mining and smelting.

Mechanic: (Cost: 20) (Passive)
Able to repair Iron Man armors for half the cost.

JARVIS I: (Cost: 30) (Passive)
Upgrade J.A.R.V.I.S's capabilities, allowing the AIR to scan an area for players.

JARVIS II: (Cost: 100) (Passive)
Allow J.A.R.V.I.S to take over your armor's targeting systems temporarily, zooming in as any output damage increases by 1 over 10 seconds.

Resourcefulness: (Cost: 50) (Passive)
50% chance to gather twice as much loot from most ores. Does not stack with Fortune.


Eye Size:
Cycles through eye sizes to set to player
- 1x2
- 2x2
- None

Unequips shades.

Arc Reactor
Toggles arc reactor.

Arc Reactor Type
Changes arc reactor visual.

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