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Soulless husks of their former selves, vrykir feed on the souls of others to sustain their own longevity, usually by sucking the blood of their victims. However, more powerful vrykir have less primal means of achieving such a task, often absorbing their victim's blood using their blood force. Their deadening sense to pain allows them to take extensive abuse before being put down. They're cold, often calculating beings who strive for the preservation of their existence, even if it comes at the cost of others. There are three main categories of vrykir: fledgling, blooded, and lord. Fledglings are vrykir who just recently turned and have not yet learned how to hone their new abilities. When they themselves turn another soul or drain it dry, they obtain the status blooded. Blooded are the most common class, making up nearly 90% of all vrykir. Lords, on the other hand, are the clan leaders, usually the most well-versed and powerful vrykir. The two subtypes of vrykir are drakonian and malefic. Drakonian vrykir are vrykir who were turned under Drakyula's directive or by himself personally. Often these vrykir became lords or praetorians vrykir assigned to Drakyula's personal guard. Malefic vrykir was a term attributed to those who didn't serve under Drakyula or ally with him, seeing them as rouge enemies of his court. A vrykir can be distinguished amongst a crowd upon close inspection of their eyes. Due to their lack of a soul, their eyes turn silver in color but turn red with blood when harnessing their blood force. Their skin if often more pale with their most obvious feature more pale with their most obvious feature being the two protruding fangs from their upper row of teeth, used to pierce the flesh of their victims and drain their life force dry.


To become a Vrykir, you first must obtain 8,000 souls (make a Ring of Embodiment and kill mobs with souls). Then, sleep in a bed at night and there will be a 1/20 chance Lady Sorella will appear with an offer. Accept it and she will bite you, converting you to a vrykir. If you deny it, she will attack.

Crafting Recipes 

Passive Abilties

Health: 20
Strength: 14 (Increases to 19 with blood, but decreases by 2 when in sunlight)
Speed: 7 (When Sprinting)
Acrobatics: 9
Fortitude: 8
Mental Defense: 3
Regeneration: 2 (Blood meter has to be greater than 5, but nullified if in sunlight)
Enhanced Vision
Water Breathing
Vacuum Adaptation
Conductivity Control
Essence Manipulation

- Poison
- Wither
- Radiation
- Suffocation
- Fall Damage

- Sunlight (Weakens defenses and sets you on fire if not waring a helmet)
- Solar (Bypasses damage reduction)
- Staked in the heart (When in a coffin)
- Enhanced Weapons (Deals extra damage from smite and sharpness, with silver weapon enchantments being the most effective)
- Phasing (Bypasses damage reduction)
- Sound


Bat Swarming
Shadow Form

Powers Auto Learned

Bite: (Cost: Free) (Assignable)
Bite your victim causing them to bleed. Increases your blood meter, dealing 6 damage. Stagger the opponent for 3 seconds.

Fangs: (Cost: Free) (Specialization)

Vrykirian Bite: (Cost: Free) (Assignable)
Bite your victims, infusing your blood into them. As their soul is claimed by Tenebris, they slowly turned into a vrykir. Only works if they don't have a legacy already or are not a character.

Powers Learned on Skill Tree

Blood Sense: (Cost: 10) (Assignable)
Use your senses to detect sources of blood in the area. Visually toggles all blood sources.

Blood Drain: (Cost: 30) (Assignable)
Drain your victim's blood, absorbing it to empower yourself. This often leaves the victim fatigued of varying intensities, depending on how much blood was absorbed. Deals 8 damage. Fills blood meter by 20. Right-click to end prematurely.

Bat Swarming: (Cost: 50) (Class) Disperse your body into a swarm of bats, able to counter incoming attacks as you ram into your opponent.

Blood Blast: (Cost: 30) (Assignable)
Release a stream of blood from your hand, dealing up to 12 damage. Damage decreases when at a distance. Consumes 5 blood force energy.

Blood Sphere: (Cost: 30) (Assignable)
Form a sphere of blood and cast it as your target, covering them in blood. Deals 10 damage, slowing them down. Damage decreases to 2 when at a distance. Consumes 5 blood force energy.

Bat Horde: (Cost: 30) (Staggerable)
Engulf your enemies as a swarm of bats, staggering them for 5 seconds. Deals 5 damage, temporarily voiding damage for yourself.

Combat: (Cost: 30) (Assignable)
Increases damage by 2 every few hits with the potential to void basic melee attacks. Opponent's knockback is also decreased after being winded, allowing more blows to land. Opponents skilled in combat can block your punches, but not your stagger, rendering basic hits void. Lasts 15 seconds.

Blood Propulsion: (Cost: 40) (Assignable)
Use your manipulation of blood to propel yourself in the air. Consumes 10 blood force energy.

Blood Aura: (Cost: 50) (Assignable)
Surround yourself in an aura of blood, enhancing your speed, strength, and defense, as you negate the effects of the sun. Damage is reduced by 10% for 10 seconds. Consumes 10 blood force energy.

Bloodbending: (Cost: 50) (Assignable)
Use your blood force to telekinetically control your target's movements, able to throw them around. Right-click toggles off. Drains 20 blood force energy while active.

Paralysis: (Cost: 50) (Staggerable)
Use your manipulation of blood to shut down your target's motor skills, causing temporary parlysis.

Blood Fountain: (Cost: 100) (Special)
Cause your victim's blood vessels to burst, spewing blood out of their orifices. Deals 88 damage, staggering them for 5 seconds.

Blood Strangle: (Cost: 50) (Assignable)
Use your blood force to cause your victim to begin choking on their own blood, able to telekinetically lift them in the air. Snaps victim's neck when punching, dealing 10 damage and ending the move. Right-click toggles off. Drains 40 blood force energy while active.

Blood Wave: (Cost: 40) (Assignable)
Release a wave of blood from your hands, dealing 10 damage. Consumes 10 blood force energy.

Blood Spikes: (Cost: 45) (Staggerable)
Release blood spikes in all directions, staggering opponents. Deals 10 damage to all hit. Consumes 15 blood force energy.

Blood Vortex: (Cost: 100) (Special)
Send a vortex of blood hurling at your target. Deals 90 damage, staggering them for 5 seconds.

Fatality: (Cost: 100) (Special)
Harness the blood force to raise everyone in the area, causing their innards to fill with blood before exploding. Deals 80 damage to all affected, staggering victims for 5 seconds.

Blood Swords: (Cost: 35) (Assignable)
Construct two swords out of solidified blood, causing opponents to bleed when attacking. As they bleed, your blood meter slowly fills back up. With your swords out, your hits have a slight aoe, dealing piercing damage. Lasts 10 seconds. Consumes 10 blood force energy.

Blood Claws: (Cost: 40) (Staggerable)
Form claws out of solidified blood, causing opponents to bleed when attacking. Staggers opponents for 2 seconds. Lats for 5 seconds. Consumes 10 blood force energy.

Blood Whip: (Cost: 40) (Assignable)
Construct a blood whip, lashing at your target for 5 seconds. Each lash deals 1 damage, but you have a longer reach. Consumes 5 blood force energy.

Plague: (Cost: 100) (Special)
Poison your victim's blood upon touch, causing them to become deathly sick. Deals 95 damage over 5 seconds. (only 90 if immune to poison), staggering the target. If the target has no blood, the ability will not work on them. When activated, you have 10 seconds to tag the target. If you miss your target the move is canceled.

Terror: (Cost: 25) (Passive)
Instill fear in your enemies, causing them to tremble in your presence. All players within your terror radius are grounded and given the Scared debuff.

Hypnosis: (Cost: 50) (Staggerable)
Cause your victim to lose control and begin hallucinating, preventing them for using their abilities. The effectiveness of this depends on their Mental Defense. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Scattershot: (Cost: 40) (Staggerable)
Release a super powered punch sending your opponent flying. Deals 20 damage while staggering and grounding them for 5 seconds. Upon activation, you have 10 seconds to tag your target. If you miss your target the move is canceled.

Shadow Form: (Cost: 50) (Class)
Disperse your body into a black mist, able to vanish into the shadows momentarily.

Drakonian Form: (Cost: 80) (Assignable)
Tap into your inner dragon blood, passed down through Drakyula from Tenebris, Father of the Primordial Dragons. Form giant dragon-like wings on your back, granting you temporary flight. While in this form, your skin becomes as tough as a dragon's hide, causing damage to be reduced by 10%. During the day this is reduced to 5%, unless Blood Aura is activated.

Blood Breath: (Cost: 40) (Assignable)
Spew blood from your mouth, slowing opponents down. Deals 14 damage, grounding opponents for 5 seconds. Damage decreases when at a distance. Must be in drakonian form to use.

Fury Swipes: (Cost: 30) (Assignable)
Ferociously swipe at your opponent with your claws, causing them to bleed. Deals 10 base damage + 2 bleeding.

Dive Bomb: (Cost: 30) (Assignable)
When in your drakonian form, dive bomb an area knocking back all nearby. Deals 10 damage to all affected.

Wing Attack: (Cost: 35) (Assignable)
Use your powerful wings to generate a gust of wind, knocking opponents back. Deals 12 damage.

Fulfill: (Cost: 40) (Assignable)
Use your own blood to power your attacks, siphoning 5 health (and durability) to fill your blood meter 25%.

Blood Flames: (Cost: 40) (Assignable)
After the property of your blood, temporarily making it flammable when in contact with air as you release a spray of flaming blood at your opponent. Sets target on fire, dealing 12 damage in total. Damage decreases when at a distance.

Gravestone: (Cost: 50) (Staggerable)
Turn your target's blood cold upon touch, encapsulating them in a block of ice. Staggers for 5 seconds. When activated, you have 10 seconds to tag the target. Consumes 5 blood force energy. Does not work on targets who have no blood.

Heightened Perception: (Cost: 50) (Staggerable)
Process information at a faster rate, causing your perception of time to be slowed down. While in this state, all nearby opponents are stunned for 10 seconds with the Distortion effect, allowing you to maneuver around them quickly. Shift to quick exit. Other opponents with heightened perception can counter and enter it with you, clearing the Distortion.


Eye Size:
Cycles through eye sizes to set to player
- 1x2
- 2x2
- None

Enable Player Turn
Enables other players being able to infect you with their legacy (if applicable).

Unequips shades.

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