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Weapon X

Weapon X


Weapon X is a code name for a secret U.S. Government project intended to induce superpowers for military purposes. Subjects of the program are given mutant abilities, ranging from enhanced regeneration to an indestructible adamantium skeleton.


To become a Weapon X you must make the adamantium bath and simple get inside of it (right-click). Once it, you will begin to transform yourself and after about 30 seconds you will become a weapon x.

Crafting Recipes 

Passive Abilties

Health: 20
Strength: 4
Speed: 2 (When Sprinting)
Acrobatics: 9
Fortitude: 8
Mental Defense: 1
Regeneration: 5
Enhanced Vision
Adamantium Skeleton

- Poison
- Hunger
- Wither

- Sound
- Drowning
- Suffocation



Powers Auto Learned


Powers Learned on Skill Tree

Recover: (Cost: 25) (Assignable)
Use your advanced healing factor to regenerate health. Increases regeneration to 10 for 10 seconds.

Claws: (Cost: 20) (Assignable)
Extract your adamantium claws, capable of causing wounding. Breaks wood, wool, webs, and vegetation faster. Also allows you to scale walls.

Fury Swipes: (Cost: 30) (Assignable)
Ferociously swipe at your opponent with your claws, causing them to bleed. Deals 10 base damage + 2 bleeding.

Stab: (Cost: 30) (Staggerable)
Use your claws to stab your opponent, stunning them in place. Deals 10 damage. When stabbing you are immune to certain damage types, such as melee. Staggers for 5 seconds.

Slice: (Cost: 30) (Assignable)
Slice your opponent, causing them to bleed out. Deals 6 damage +4 bleeding.

Berserk Rage: (Cost: 100) (Special)
In a fit of rage, slash at everyone nearby, causing them to bleed out while staggering them. Deals around 80 damage. Incoming damage is reduced by 25%.

Combat: (Cost: 30) (Assignable)
Increases damage by 2 every few hits with the potential to void basic melee attacks. Opponent's knockback is also decreased after being winded, allowing more blows to land. Opponents skilled in combat can block your punches, but not your stagger, rendering basic hits void. Lasts 15 seconds.

Pounce: (Cost: 20) (Assignable)
Pounce forwards, knocking over anyone in your way. Stuns affected targets for 2 seconds. Grounds for 5 seconds. Deals 4 damage.

Scent Tracker: (Cost: 20) (Assignable)
Use your enhance sense of smell to track nearby entities. When activated, a particle trail appear that only you can see. This trail will lead you to the closest entity nearby.

Toss: (Cost: 30) (Assignable)
Toss your opponent into the air, dealing 10 damage. Grounds for 5 seconds while temporarily voiding melee damage.

Tooth And Nail: (Cost: 100) (Special)
Rush towards your opponents on all fours, knocking them backwards. Deals 2 damage passively on impact, staggering the opponent for 5 seconds. Deals an additional 80 damage on attack, ending the move. Damage is reduced by 10%. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Roundhouse Kick: (Cost: 10) (Assignable)
Kick your opponent, dealing 10 damage.

Kick Backflip: (Cost: 15) (Assignable)
Perform a kick backflip, knocking your opponent into the air. Deals 10 damage and ground for 5 seconds.

Sweep Kick: (Cost: 20) (Assignable)
Sweep kick your opponents, stunning them. Deals 10 damage to all nearby targets.

Mental Defense III (Cost: 10) (Passive)
Able to decrease the effects of mental attacks. Nausea effects are reduced if less than defense's magnitude.

Trigger Scent: (Cost: 100) (Special)
Your target is laced with trigger scent, causing you to enter a involuntary primal rage as they are staggered for 10 seconds. Damage done to them is double as damage done to you is reduced by 50% for 10 seconds. The player you are looking at when activated is chosen as your target.

Teleport: (Cost: 50) (Assignable)
Teleport a short distance away, evading attacks.

Shapeshift: (Cost: 50) (Assignable)
Shapeshift into other humanoids, disguising yourself. Your nametag is hidden when disguised. To set your disguise, use the Select Disguise ability in Customization. If not updating on multiplayer, relaunch on singleplayer first.

Tactile Mind Control: (Cost 40) (Staggerable)
Cause your victim to lose control and begin hallucinating upon touch, preventing them from using their abilities. The effectiveness of this depends on their Mental Defense. Lasts for 5 seconds. When activated, you have 10 seconds to tag your target.

Nigh Invulnerability: (Cost: 80) (Passive)
You are nearly resistant to most physical damage. Damage from physical attacks is reduced by 8%.

Triumph: (Cost: 100) (Special)
Use your enhanced regenerative capabilities to heal all wounds. Regain 10 durability over 10 seconds and instantly restore yourself to max health. Damage is reduced by 75%.


Eye Size:
Cycles through eye sizes to set to player
- 1x2
- 2x2
- None

Enable Player Turn
Enables other players being able to infect you with their legacy (if applicable).

Unequips shades.

Claw Number
Cycles through the amount of claws you have
- One
- Two
- Three

Claw Type
Should claws be adamantium or bone? Just changes appearance, no functionality difference.

Foot Claws
Do you want foot claws when using your claws? (X-23 appearance)

Claws and Fangs
Do you want claws and fangs? (Sabretooth appearance)

Select Appearance
Choose which player you want to disguise as.

All of these do not have to stay in your loadout. Unassign when changed to your liking.

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